Medicaid Service Coordination

Support for individuals with developmental disabilities to help lead richer lives

Medicaid Service Coordination supports individuals with developmental disabilities in accessing and maintaining appropriate services needed to lead richer lives. Medicaid Service Coordinators use a person-centered approach to develop, implement, and maintain an Individualized Service Plan (ISP). They work with individuals, their loved ones, and their communities to ensure that the individual is receiving required services and supports, and that those services reflect and support the individual’s rights, preferences, and goals.

Medicaid Service Coordination is FREE; it is paid for by Medicaid and incurs no cost to the individual or their family. Participation is completely voluntary; individuals have a choice to enroll, to change coordinators even from one agency to another, and to leave the program, at any time without risk of losing other services they receive. They will not lose other supports they have in place if they choose to make changes to their Medicaid Service Coordination. The aim is to get individuals the support they need to live the life they want!

Program FAQ

Service coordination assists persons with developmental disabilities and their families in gaining access to services and supports appropriate to their needs. MSC is provided by qualified service coordinators and uses a person-centered planning process in developing, implementing, and maintaining an Individualized Service Plan. Medicaid Service Coordination is a Medicaid-funded program, so there is no direct cost to you.

Adults and children of all ages who meet the legal definition of having an intellectual or developmental disability and live in Broome, Tioga or Chenango County.

Any individual that is new to MSC,  he/she needs to go through the Front Door. OPWDD’s Front Door is designed to improve the way people learn about and access available service options while giving individuals as many opportunities as possible to direct their own service plans. There is a Front Door Team at each OPWDD Regional Office.

The front door supports a person-centered approach for people with developmental disabilities that prioritizes individual choices, needs, and desires in making decisions and provides a statewide approach to how we offer services to people in order to promote the awareness and choice of service options for individuals and families, with a particular emphasis on self-direction, employment, and community inclusion. Once the individual is determined eligible then the process to enroll in MSC can be started.