About Us

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders...Today!

Through partnerships with families and community agencies, Family Enrichment Network provides supportive services and programs for the optimal development of children, adults and families. This mission includes a strong commitment to partnering with families and community agencies to develop and provide programs to achieve the best results for children and families. We believe in coordinating children and family services using a comprehensive and collaborative approach to improve their quality of life while ensuring the greatest value for our investment in child, adult, and parent development.

Vision Statement

The vision of Family Enrichment Network is that all children, adults and families in our service area have the opportunity to grow and develop to their full potential.

When advocating for the implementation of services, we are supportive of existing or potential providers while avoiding duplication of services. We strive to offer services to the community that meets the needs of children and families. This is accomplished through the coordination and support of other program and services and through direct development of programs. The Family Enrichment Network's philosophy also incorporates a commitment to empowering parents so they can more effectively meet the needs of their children and responsibilities to the community.

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders...Today!

Enriching the Community!

Agency Philosophy

Services are provided to all children and their families regardless of race, religion, sex, age, ethnic origin, or disability. Assessing the community needs, conducting or coordinating programs and services based on those needs, and evaluation activities are all crucial to the development of programs and services.