Health Care Consultancy

Assisting childcare programs in developing and monitoring Health Care Plans

In New York State, child care providers must be certifiied to administer medication (either over-the-counter or prescription) to children, unless they are related within the third degree of consanguinity.  Child care providers who wish to administer medication must be CPR and First Aid certified, as well as MAT(Medication Administration Training) trained, and must have an approved health care plan signed by a Health Care Consultant.

Our Health Care Consultant assists childcare programs in developing and monitoring Health Care Plans and Policies that are consistent with New York State regulations and safe health practices.  The Health Care Consultant can also serve as a resource providing technical assistance to childcare programs in developing and maintaining appropriate health care procedures and safeguards.  The Health Care Consultant can work with any childcare program, whether or not they administer medication.


Contact CCRC Director, Jennifer Perney, at or (607) 723-8313 ext. 872 for questions on setting up a Health Care Contract with our Consultant.

Program Details

Contracts and Fees

The Health Care Consultant fees depend on the type of program and the size of the program.  Contracts are for one year and include:

  •   assistance in developing the Health Care Plan and Policies that are consistent with regulations and safe health practices
  •   approval and signing of final Health Care Plan to submit to licensor
  •   at least one on-site visit
  •   any technical assistance necessary to develop and maintain appropriate health care procedures and safeguards as directly related to the childcare program
  •   referrals to community agencies when necessary
  •   any follow-up services regarding health care incidents occuring within the program when information pertaining to incidents is made available

Family Enrichment Network Health Care Consultancy Contracts per year:

  • Family Child Care Providers: $50
  • Group Family Child Care Providers: $60
  • Child Care Centers (up to 30 children): $100
  • Child Care Centers (31-60 children): $150
  • Child Care Centers (over 60 children): $200
  • School Age Child Care Programs (31-60 youth): $150
  • School Age Child Care Programs (over 60 youth): $200


New York State regulations

The Office of Children and Family Services is the regulatory agency in New York State. The regulations pertaining to health care and medication administration can be accessed on the OCFS website.

Health Related Forms

Child Care Providers can access health related forms on the website for the Office of Children and Family Services. Available forms include medical statements, incident reports, sample health care plans, medication administration forms, and waivers.

The Professional Development Program

Information on MAT training, including renewing your MAT certification and the MAT Independent Study Course.







New York State Office of Children and Family Services has specifically regulations regarding child care programs giving medication to children in care.  

To learn more about MAT, visit the Professional Development Program website.  

Family Enrichment Network does have a MAT trainer on staff.  For information on our MAT classes, view our Professional Development and Training Calendar or find a MAT trainer in your area.  

The fees for our MAT classes are:

8 hour MAT classroom training: $250

MAT Independent Study (4 hrs) and 4 hour Skills Competency In-person: $160

3rd Renewal Skills Competency: $80

For information on setting up a class for a group or to be placed on a waiting list for our next class, contact Crystal a or call 607-723-8313 ext. 825.


Program FAQ

The contract is for one year. You will need to renew the contract yearly.

You need a contract to be able to use the services of our Health Care Consultant. Call or email the Health Care Consultant to inquire about a contract.

The fee depends upon the type of child care program and the number of children it is licensed for. The fees range from $50 to $200 a year. Please check the fee schedule for exact pricing.

You can find a current MAT class or trainer on the SUNY PDP website.  

Our Health Care Consultant is part of a network of Health Care Consultants across the state. As part of this network, she attends yearly state-wide Health Care Consultancy meetings, participates in state-wide conference calls, and has access to a state-wide networking group to exchange current information and ask questions. Although any Registered Nurse can serve as a program's Health Care Consultant, our Health Care Consultant has knowledge specific to child care programs, knows the New York State regulations, and has an existing relationship with the OCFS licensors.

Providers who choose not to dispense medications still find that having a Health Care Consultant helps their program to be in compliance with state regulations and provides a link to their licensor concerning health practices. Programs may also feel they have someone to call to address any health care questions or concerns.