Courthouse Children's Center

Drop-in child care at Family Court

Please Note: Due to Covid-19 restrictions the Courthouse Children’s Center is currently closed at the request of the Broome County Family Court. When Family Court deems it safe the Center will be re-opened. (Updated July 2021)

The Courthouse Children's Center (CCC) is a free drop-in child care center located at the Broome County Family Courthouse. The center accepts children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age and is a safe place for children to  play while their adult is taking care of  Family Court or Drug Court business. The CCC staff work for Family Enrichment Network and have Early Childhood Education training. 

In the Center the children are offered a wide range of educational and fun experiences and the sensory table is a special favourite of most children.  Sand, water, dirt , snow, birdseed and other sensory items are utilized with activities being changed each month.  The sensory table offers children a soothing activity as they enjoy the feel of all the different textures while they dig and play with the buckets, funnels, little shovels and a variety of other tools. For some children the sensory table is the first place to play  during their stay in the center.

Every month, activities based on a different theme are offered and easel painting is always available. The Center also has a separate play area for infants and toddlers with age appropriate toys.

Through the CCC Literacy program each child receives a book to take home after each visit. The parents/caregivers also receive a take-home packet consisting of community information, and parenting information that changes monthly. Also included are simple fun activities matched to their child's age range for the adult and child to do together. Often take-home activities are linked to the Center's current monthly theme.

As another service for the families using the Center, the staff make referrals as needed to a variety of community resources. 

Please let you family, friends and co-workers know that the Courthouse Children's Center is available Monday through Thursday from 9:15 AM to 4:45 PM and Fridays from 9:15 AM until Noon. Our staff love having the Center full of children. The Courthouse Children's Center is a place where children can have fun, learn, be safe, and just be children away from the drama of the family court waiting room.