Child Care Referrals

Helping parents connect with quality child care programs

These days, finding affordable, convenient, appropriate child care is not always an easy task.  Our Referral Counselors can provide you with child care options from our database, which contains hundreds of child care providers throughout Broome, Chenango, and Tioga Counties.  We can help you locate child care openings in the areas which best accomodate your family's busy schedule.

Our Referral Counselors are available to offer guidance and support as parents choose the most appropriate care.  Our expert team provides personalized assistance, information about child care options, tips for interviewing providers, and facts about child care regulations.  We are also here to answer questions about parenting, child development, and any other issues or concerns related to children.

Choosing child care is an important decision for you and your child.  Our program is free, confidential, and designed to help you find and select the child care arrangement that best suits your individual family situation.  We do not recommend or endorse any particular child care provider.  We cannot assure you that any provider gives quality childcare, nor can we warrant the information concerning any provider.  Caregivers and directors provide information about homes and centers.  We do not inspect programs to verify information accuracy and cannot be responsible for changes in information. We update information on openings quarterly.  We check other service information annually.

Openings fill quickly, so we strongly suggest you call caregivers as soon as possible.  To ensure the best possible care for your child or children, we suggest you interview providers over the telephone.  Then schedule visits and compare at least three programs.  Ask for references and contact them.  You are responsible for determining which child care option is best for your child.

Every parent knows that locating quality child care can be a time consuming and sometimes frustrating experience.  Parent observations and feedback are critical components of our service and are necessary for the success of all child care arrangements.  We would appreciate it if you would call us with any feedback you may have about the CCR&R referral program or the providers you visit to aid us in providing quality child care referrals.  You may receive a follow-up email  or phone call survey asking for your feedback.  If you receive this survey, please take the time to complete it to help us improve our services.

Information regarding child care is also available on the New York State Office of Children and Family Services website or by calling the Syracuse Regional Office at (315) 423-1202.  You can use this contact information to find out more about a child care provider's regulatory history.  It is a good idea to check out a provider's record to see his/her history of compliance with the regulations.  Most programs have violations, but serious violations, repeated violations of the same regulation, or delays in corrections could be a "red flag."


Program Details

Program Eligibility

Our child care referrals are provided free of charge and are available in Broome, Chenango, and Tioga Counties.

Enhanced referrals are available to locally-based employees of corporations who offer this service as an employee benefit.

View Resources for Parents

Scholarships:  New York has a new scholarship program available for parents who are essential workers.  You can find more information on the Office of Children and Family Services website.   Questions on this new scholarship funding can be sent to OCFS at:Questions mailbox:  or 1-844-863-9316- HSCC.

Parent Newsletter: Our Parent Newsletter provides information on types of child care, average cost of child care, financial assistance tips, and how to advocate for affordable, quality child care.

As You Think About Child Care:  A guide developed by New York State Office of Children and Family Services to assist you in your search for child care with questions to ask and tips on things to look for.  

As You Think About Child Care for your Infant or Toddler:  Includes a checklist while searching for infant and toddler care.  

As You Think About Child Care for your 3 to 5 Year Old:  Includes a checklist while searching for preschool care.  

As You Think About Child Care for your School Age Child:  Includes a checklist while searching for school age care.  

Websites for Parents

Early Care and Learning Council The Early Care and Learning Council is the state network for the New York State child care resource and referral agencies. Stay informed and connected to advocacy initiatives supporting early care and learning by joining Parent Network- New York's Action Network. -

The Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) All registered or licensed child care programs in upstate New York are regulated by the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). You may access a program's licensing history by visiting the OCFS webiste. You can review a program's previous licensing violations. This is important; however, the licensing violation wording doesn't necessarily tell the entire story of a provider’s ability to offer safe, healthy, fun care for your child. For help in understanding or interpreting the regulations, please call OCFS at 1-800-732-5207 or our Referral Specialist at (607) 723-8313 ext. 829.

Child Care Aware of America (Formerly NACCRRA) Child Care Aware of America has partnerships, programs, and resources that are designed to help parents find quality child care, get the latest information on child development and parenting issues, keep informed on current legislation and policies affecting young children, look at work choices after having a baby, and access to hundreds of fun, learning activities to do with children.

211 (First Call For Help)  is available to offer guidance and answer questions about any services you may need.

Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit The Federal Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit is a tax benefit offered by the federal government. Find out more information here.

Lourdes PACT Parents and Children Together (PACT) is a Parents As Teachers home visiting program that offers services to families living in Broome and Tioga Counties.

Binghamton City School District PACT Parents and Children Together provides support and education for families with children from prenatal to kindergarten living in the Binghamton City School District.

PAL - Family Resource Centers The Family Resource Centers(FRCs) are drop-in (not drop-off) centers for young children and their families. FRCs offer the community healthy environments that promote a nurturing relationship between parents and their children by offering education and personal support for families. FRCs provide welcoming, family-oriented community homes that encourage parents to stop in for companionship, peer discussion and interaction, and offer alternative play sites for children, access to education resources and communication with supportive, informed staff.

Family Resource Centers in Tioga County The Family Resource Centers in Waverly and Owego are free for families with young children. The centers offer nurturing play spaces, parent education, family activities, support groups and referral to local services.

The NYS Parent Guide is a resource for caregivers on what you can do and say to grow a positive relationship with your child.  



Summer Programs Directory 

 This Directory is a free resource guide of summer programs throughout Broome, Chenango, and Tioga Counties, as well as options in nearby NY counties and PA.  

The 2022 Summer Programs Directory is available now!  Complete this form and a copy of the directory will be emailed to you.  If you need a paper version, please email the referral specialist at  




Program FAQ

Family Enrichment Network does not have a "list" of providers. What we can offer you is a customized search of our database to find child care providers who meet your specific needs.

Parents who need help paying for child care can apply for a child care subsidy from their local Department of Social Services. There are income and other requirements for eligibility. To determine if you are eligble, contact DSS in Broome County: (607) 778-2628. In Chenango County: (607) 337-1500. In Tioga County: (607) 687-8500.

What you are looking for is a nanny or "in-home" child care provider. Family Enrichment Network does not include in-home providers in our database. We can offer suggestions on how to search for an in-home provider, but it would be up to the parent to conduct their own search if they choose this child care option.

Family Enrichment Network offers referrals NOT recommendations. The CCR&R program is not a regulatory agency, nor does it endorse or recommend any particular provider. Referrals are not intended to replace your responsibility to inspect, evaluate and choose a child care provider that meets your needs. That responsibility remains solely that of you, the parent.

To review a provider's history of regulatory violations, if any, visit the New York State Office of Children and Family Services' website at For help navigating the website and to answer questions about what violations may mean, contact any CCR&R Specialist.  

There are no mildly ill child care programs in this area. You may want to discuss this with your child care provider and check to see what his or her sick care policy is. You will need to make back-up care plans accordingly.

Family Enrichment Network's provider database lists caregivers who offer care in their homes for second shift, third shift, and weekends, however at this time there are no child care centers providing non-traditional hours.

Providers set their own rates so the cost varies by program. The average weekly cost for a full-time infant in a child care center is $232, toddlers $224, and preschoolers $215. In a family child care home (in the provider's home),the average rate is $150 a week.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. One option is not better than the other. This is a decision you need to make after visiting several programs of both options and comparing them according to what you are looking for. Some things to consider are: ages of your children, type of program being offered, group size, activities, outdoor play area, location, and cost. For additional information on selecting the right program for you, click on the Documents to your left to view more available resources.